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Zach is a life-long conservative Republican. On the issues that matter most to Iowans, Zach will advocate for a conservative approach to find common sense solutions to the issues we face. 

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Your Voice For A Better Iowa 


Zach Whiting is the Senator-elect for Iowa Senate District 1. He was unopposed in the 2018 General Election and received 21,167 votes, the second most of any legislative candidate on the ballot in the State of Iowa. He won the Republican primary on June 5 with over 62% of the vote, winning every county and 47/49 precincts district-wide. He will represent the great people of Lyon, Osceola, Clay, Dickinson, and Palo Alto Counties. 


Zach is a full-spectrum, constitutional conservative who will serve as an effective voice for Northwest Iowans in Des Moines. He is a fifth-generation Northwest Iowan whose family has deep roots in agriculture, education, and community and public service. He has been married to his wife, Juliana, for seven years, and they have two children. 


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